When we first started our company search for CARICOM Entrepreneur’s “Spotlight” Series we were shocked. It was a good shock because we met so many young men and women who were born and lived in the Caribbean doing awesome things in the sphere of entrepreneurship. We met far more of them than we expected to meet. Yet, they were unheard of.


They had not harnessed the power of the press.

It is somewhat anti-cultural to do any form of self promotion.  If it is done entrepreneurs try to do it in a very low key way; a way which will allow them escape from the labels of arrogant or proud. Still, I encourage marketing. I encourage entrepreneurs to share their stories. I encourage them to advertise as much as possible.

One of the ways to get free, widespread and positive advertising for your company is press. You should always look for and capitalize on opportunities which expose you and your company to a larger audience. To prepare well for such opportunities when they manifest, it would be nice to design your company’s press kit.

A press kit has everything that a journalist, writer or blogger will need to capture the spirit of your company. It saves both you and the writer time and  guess what? You can begin right now! So no, your company or startup is not too small to have a press kit.

Even though you’re bootstrapping, functioning as CEO, CFO, and COO all in one, your company is ready for a press kit. Even though you’re only two months into this gig, your company is ready for a press kit. As a matter of fact it should be one of the first things

Now that this is clear. Let’s get to work. What Should You Have In Your Press Kit?


Media Kit

The media kit will comprise of photos and videos which visually capture the spirit of your company. Be sure to have the following in your media kit:

  • Headshots of Key Team Members
  • Photos of Products: This can include screenshots of a web platform or mobile application.
  • Photos of you and your team providing a service
  • Photos of Office or Place of Operation


Fact Sheet

When I’m asked to write a story about a company, the information on a fact sheet is what I’m looking for. The fact sheet is really the Company Birth Certificate and Identification card packed in one. It will include:

  • Company Date of Birth: When was the company founded?
  • Company Parents: Who are the founders? What are their roles?
  • Place of Birth/Place of Residence: Where was the company founded? Has it shifted or expanded its place(s) of Operation?
  • List of Products/Services & Information on Products/Services
  • Pricelist
  • Revenue stats (if possible)
  • Growth stats (if possible)
  • Valuation information: How much is the company worth? (If possible)