If you or your business has a large number of followers on Facebook or Instagram and you’re interested in capitalizing on this following, this post is for you. If Facebook or Instagram plays a large role in your marketing strategy then you should read this article until the last period. Now, more than ever, you need to encourage your followers to turn on Post Notifications and I’ll tell you why.

When you make a post on your Facebook Business or Public Page, everyone doesn’t see the post. This is because Facebook uses an algorithm to deliver your posts to a particular audience; the people that are most likely to be interested in your post. Sometimes this is only a small fraction of the number of people who have liked or follow your page.

While this algorithm beautifully supports Facebook’s monetization strategy – Facebook Ads – this can be devastating to your organic reach. It sometimes makes your follower count seem irrelevant. But there is a way to ensure that all of your followers are notified when you make a new post.

This is how your followers turn on Notifications on Facebook.

If you are able to, making and posting to your Facebook page(s) a short video similar to the one above will help get the message to your followers.

So… we understand why this is needed for Facebook, but why Instagram

Very few people are aware that Instagram is now owned by Facebook. Yes, it is. In light of this information it should be no surprise that Facebook is looking to use, on Instagram, some of the very same strategies that have made it so successful. So Instagram is now saying hello to algorithms.

It didn’t exist before, but just like Facebook, Instagram now gives its users the option to turn on notifications.

Here is how your Instagram followers will turn on notifications:

  1. The user will go to the account which he/she chooses to turn on notifications for
  2. Touch the three dots (highlighted by red box) on the top right hand corner of your screen and options will appear.
  3. Select Turn On Post Notifications