There are many aspects of goal setting and achievement that I wish I knew earlier.

It used to frustrate me many times in the past that some of my goals never saw the light of day.

I’d make all kinds of lofty resolutions and set big goals in the New Year. 
Stay on course for a few weeks or months…

Then, I’d veer off and begin chasing other things.

Before you know it, that year would end. And another!

The cycle was never ending.

Has this ever happened to you?

Can you relate to this?

According to a study shared by Michael Hyatt, 25% of people abandon their New Year Resolutions after one week. 60% do so within 6 months.

Meaning? Only 15% go on to reach the goals finish line.I’m definitely not in this boat alone.

The truth is that every single person yearns for self- improvement one way or the other.

That is why we set goals or make New Year Resolutions.

Whether it is to loose weight, make(or save) money, improve our relationships, even learn a skill or even break a habit…

To us, the New Year marks another opportunity to begin again and improve ourselves.

And that’s fine!

It isn’t abnormal to make New Year Resolutions or Set Goals even if you don’t achieve all of them!

At least I’ve done so myself for many years.

And  failed severely too like.

True, I was achieving many of my goals and making progress.

But in comparison to my aspirations, I wasn’t even close.

And it definitely could have been better.

Then by a fortunate stroke of serendipity I discovered one area of goal setting that I was completely missing.

Nowhere in my goal setting plans did I involve any other person.

And if nobody else knew what I was planning…

Nobody would know if I didn’t achieve it.

And that was fine…only that it meant I wasn’t putting in enough effort since I wasn’t accountable to anyone for results.

Simple. Right?

That’s how I felt too. So why didn’t I figure it out all the while. 

Beats me!

I was nonplussed at how a concept so simple had eluded me and made many of my goals and resolutions remain on paper.


I’d never factored it into my goals setting.

There’s tremendous power in being accountable for results even in your personal life.

When we get others involved in our goal setting process, it greatly increases the likelihood of achieving them.

This is without prejudice to the many other aspects involved in goal setting.

Accountability is the reason Thriving Companies ensure Corporate


It is the reason in Democratic nations, the electorate is given the power to vote in or vote out leaders at will.

The saying “Power corrupts”, is true even in determining the course of our lives through personal goals. 

When there’s no one to hold us accountable to results in our private affairs, it’s easy to act out of control and veer off the way.

And I acted out of control many times. 

Perhaps you too!

Bob Proctor said, “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results”.

I agree totally.

Therefore, it is time to get trusted people involved in your goal setting process.

Over the next few days, I’d share some thoughts along these lines to aid you as you plan for 2019.

In my next post, I’d share with you how to select accountability partners to help you achieve your goals.

Let me hear your thoughts…